Livestock Removal Service

Trusted, local and reliable.
Otago Petfoods is your premier partner in managing livestock health and welfare. Our mission is to provide prompt, humane, and efficient removal services with a focus on sustainability and respect for farm operations. We offer a FREE service - all year round Phone : 0800 729473 Ext 3 email :

Benefits of Our Service

We offer a full suite of removal services tailored to your needs, whether it's for individual animals or larger numbers, ensuring a respectful and dignified handling in every situation. When we come to remove your stock, we leave nothing on site, all animals are taken away whole.
All of our stock removal staff are qualified in MPI's Ante-mortem Examination for pet food. Please be informed that all our stock truck drivers are experienced and trained in the use of firearms, ensuring the highest standards of safety and expertise in handling.
We service most of the lower South Island, looking after farmers from Oamaru to Bluff, including Central Otago and more!
We can take most livestock including cattle, horses, sheep and goats. We can take the following conditions : * Unwanted but otherwise healthy * Mastitis (except black and gangrenous mastitis). * Unmanagable Temperaments * Arthritis, Johnes Disease or Down Cows * Traumatic injury such as bulling injury, broken leg, dislocation ect * Calving paralysis and lameness
* Dead Livestock * Black and Gangrenous Mastitis * Blood poisoning or Systemic Illness * TB If you are unsure if we can take your animal please give us a call and we can advise over the phone with a few quick questions